(1) Training and Education
Simply Edutainment, LLC will have a compilation of unique hands-on presentations, workshops, motivational speakers and trainings. These presentations are intended to engage the audience through drama, music, interactive games and videos, while being led by live interactive presenters. The presentation style will be non-traditional and will utilize professional speakers and various talented persons trained to professionally present on the required topic. The topics will depend on the presenters and trainers expertise and will increase by expressed interest upon request. We will continue to develop connections with many other training organizations to ensure the most knowledgeable and most innovative presentations. These presentations will also utilize up to date information, equipment and software. They will take the following forms:

Character Education

Skill and Core Competencies

Skill and Core Competencies

Motivational Speaking

We will also work with authors, creators and inventors, who are not part of our company, to take their product all the way to market.

(2) Entertainment Events and Activities:

Simply Edutainment’s second area will be its On Demand Studio activities and Event Planning. The company will obtain equipment that supports live recordings and live videos while utilizing enhanced and fascinating technology. These activities will be held at various venues and the main purpose will be exposure and fun. The On Demand Studio will receive its compensation through the participants. All equipment can be rented to intended users and will always have the needed staff to transport, set up, and break down. Another area of business is Event planning, management or hosting. This particular area will be directed mainly at other businesses and organizations but does not preclude hosting our own events. The essential offer is to be a consultant for companies who want to plan events where such company does not need a fulltime employee to do so. This business component will cover the following areas:

On Demand Studio

On Demand Performances (Your moment in the spotlight; all original work)

Event planning

Edutainment Travel

This area offers an added component to the scope and differences in learning. It will give participants opportunities to expand their own creative abilities through maximum exposure. It will serve to compliment some of the other services provided.

EDU Tours

General Travel

All Products and services will be advertised and available for sale through our website:

Creative Works, Resources, Materials, Travel, Events and Equipment

The Market

Simply Edutainment, LLC will supply the Training, Education, and Entertainment world with a much needed merge of innovative and impressive presentations, resources / materials on a platter of interactive fun. This is a fairly new market in this country and will continue to rapidly gain ground as companies, organizations and individuals experience its benefits. At present we believe that there is a real need for fresh, renewable and affordable ideas in this industry. Simply Edutainment has a wide target population which will consist of groups, organizations or individuals such as:

Our goal is to: